Though the roots of the company are several years older, BizzyBee was officially formed in the summer of 2021 and supplies beekeeping services, hive rental and maintenance services and honey related retail sales to its customers. The company was formed by Jesse Holland, a longtime hobbyist beekeeper wishing to make a difference. As a journeyman beekeeper Jesse has provided the above or similar services to commercial and residential customers throughout North and South Carolina for the better part of a decade. Like many others, when the challenges of Covid forced Jesse to consider alternative means of employment he turned to his passion for beekeeping and, after receiving a small investment from friends and family, BizzyBee was born.

Happy Beekeepers

BizzyBee’s official headquarters is located in the South Charlotte area of North Carolina though it maintains its bottling and processing facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina. From these 2 locations the company manages approximately 130 client hives from as far south as Rock Hill to as far north as Lake Norman. Of these 130 hives, just over 100 are installed and serviced on residential properties. The remaining hives belong to corporate sponsors and are positioned on the corporate campuses of the likes of TIAA and LPL Financial, just to name a few. The company also maintains a handful of apiaries for its own internal use and offsite CSA subscriptions. Whilst BizzyBee does provide what one might think of as ‘traditional’ bee keeping services (swarm removal, honey sales, etc.) the company considers its primary offering to be residential and corporate hive rentals/sponsorships. Early on in his beekeeping journey, Jesse provided this service to a small number of residential clients, primarily in the Cotswold area of Charlotte, before a write up in a local publication caused an almost overnight BUZZ! Within a week, Jesse had received requests for hives on dozens of residential properties and with that, the vision of BizzyBee had officially taken hold in the Charlotte area.

As far as the beekeeper discipline is concerned, Jesse is a rather young member of that group by comparison. It is his, and the company’s, goal to make the exploits of beekeepers, and the importance of the honey bee, more mainstream and commonplace in the minds of a younger generation. Jesse is a certified North Carolina beekeeper, a member of the NC and Mecklenburg beekeepers’ associations and volunteers as a mentor with Meck. Bees. Unlike commercial beekeeping operations, and in keeping with the vision of BizzyBee, Jesse maintains a best in breed approach to beekeeping that focuses less on honey production and puts the health of the honey bee above all else.