honeybee hive rental

Urban beekeeping is finally for everyone

BizzyBee will handle everything from the initial site assessment, to hive installation and management.

Once your bees produce honey we handle the processing and delivery of your honey. All the benefits of having your own bees, and none of the challenges that accompany proper apiculture management.

Honey yield is typically 3 gallons or more per hive per year.

There is a $300 setup fee per hive, and we will coordinate install-date after the initial assessment.
The setup fee bills closer to setup date.

Customize your Membership
select the checkboxes for the following items before checking out.)

This option upgrades your rental to include an additional hive at 33% off. ($100 / Month)
Reserve Bottling
Your Personal Private Reserve Bottling, Our most exclusive offering. This reserves your share of the honey your bees produce just for you.  It is bottled exclusively in a private batch, using only the honey from your hive/s. (1 Gal. min, or refund applies) ($250 / Year)
Labelled Jars
Bottling in Conveniently-sized, Labelled Jars (24 1lb jars, 30 1/3lb jars). ($150 / Year)
Flavored Honey
1 gallon/year (available in: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Hot, Lavender, Cacao) reply to membership email with your preferred flavor. Delivery times may be delayed). ($50 / Year)
DNA Sequencing
DNA Report of your honey in partnership w/Johnson C. Smith University and Beesearch partners. Portion goes to fund Beesearch. ($300 / Year)